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Academic Evaluations

International Evaluations is a distinguished provider of credential evaluations needed by students immigrating to the U.S. to complete their studies. While immigrating foreign- educated students may face problems regarding the recognition of their foreign academic credentials. Credential evaluations are used by international students to present their previous coursework and grades to universities to apply for admission. A detailed report is generated indicating descriptions of periods of education, courses, grades and degrees completed by applicants. Each certificate/diploma is identified and we provide international equivalency for all documents. Upon request, specific coursework completed by a candidate can also be referenced in an evaluation report. Multiple university degrees for the same candidate can typically be included in a single evaluation report. When academic information is unavailable, our evaluators are able to assess work experience alone to determine an appropriate academic equivalency.

How it works

Detailed course-by-course analysis or document-by-document analysis performed for the admission requirements of a particular school or university

Extensive review and explanation of the individual’s institutional experience and coursework completed.

Facilitating the integration of international students into the educational environment of the country they are immigrating to.