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Request for Evidence (RFE)

It is initiated by USCIS or other Govt agencies dealing with approval of an Immigration Petition or Visa stamping. When the original petition lacks enough documentation to make a favorable decision then more documents/evidences are requested.

Request for evidence is also commonly called a “RFE”.

What you should know about RFEs:

  • It is important that RFE request should be submitted in a timely manner and all the evidences should be submitted together.
  • Most of the time decision is made after the submission of the evidences in rare cases one can get another RFE.
  • The most important factor in answering the RFE is providing the evidences asked for in the RFE.
  • Late responses are not accepted and the application is denied.
  • If the RFE is not responded to then the application is considered as abandoned.

Our expertise is in identifying what those evidences may be, alternate evidences and preparing the Response. With literally thousands of RFEs responded to by us – we know what we are doing.