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Services Provided

International Evaluations is the eminent provider of credential evaluation services required by an individual for education, professional licensure, immigration or employment. We are an efficient and quality solution for all your evaluation and documentation needs required for employment and education during immigration. Services provided by International Evaluations include, academic evaluations, work plans and professional position evaluations, translations and expert opinions.

Our Featured Services

Academic Evaluations

International Evaluations is the distinguished provider of credential evaluations needed to gain recognition for students immigrating to complete their studies. Credential evaluations are used by international students to present their previous coursework and grades to universities to apply for admission.

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Expert Opinions

For extraordinary ability petitions, defining a speciality occupation, responding to RFE’s, or for any other case that requires the opinion of an expert in a specialised field, IE provide unique letters with an attempt to modify the content of each letter according to specification by individuals.

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International Evaluations recognises the need for effective translations for evaluations purposes. We provide assistance in translation of all sorts documents required for educational, immigration, legal, medical or personal purposes.

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Work Plans

At International Evaluations we provide highly detailed and qualified work experiences evaluation and experiential asset evaluation for obtaining business plans, permits and petitions for individuals and organisations.

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