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About Translation service

International Evaluations recognizes the need for academic documents issued in a language other than English to be effectively translated for evaluations purposes. We provide word-by-word effective translations from all foreign languages to English and vice-a-versa. We provide assistance in translation of all sorts of documents required for educational, immigration, legal, medical or personal purposes that may include academic transcripts, employment verification letters and detailed job descriptions. Having International Evaluations translate and evaluate foreign credentials is a simple way to get all services done at one stop.

Reason to Choose us

Best Translators:

Our team collectively has decades of translation experience combined with industry- specific expertise to provide you with understanding as well as translation. Our experience includes marketing, public relations, human resources, business, immigration, and legal.

Price Factor:

We are cost effective in term of accuracy and providing translated documents to you.


We use efficient workflow processes to get documents to the best translator for the job. We use experienced translators who have specific backgrounds in translating nearly every type of document so it takes a minimum one day for short documents and two to three for long documents.


Your privacy is very important in term of your documents. We take your trust seriously and have procedures in place to keep your documents private.



If you choose to move to another country, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. In fact, each country and each administration has their own regulations regarding the documents you need to submit in order to be granted a visa, a Green Card, or a certificate of citizenship or naturalization.


Certified Translation can be used in many areas include: U.S. Immigration (USCIS acceptance), high school and university application and enrollment, passport office usage, and many other local and state official usages.


It is important for students translate academic transcripts from around the world to help them with their application to U.S. universities.

How it works

Translations of documents such as diplomas, certificates, transcripts, letters and other materials from all foreign languages to English and vice versa.

We provide translation solutions not only limited to education and employment related documentation but also for immigration, legal, medical or personal purposes.

We translate passports, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, legal statements, diplomas, academic transcripts, medical records, interviews, and many other personal documents for certified translation purposes.